Where are you located?  

We are located at 1626 Tower Grove Ave, on the corner of Tower Grove and Mcree. That's 2 blocks north of the Botanical Gardens.


Do you only sell cakes?

 We have a delicious array of breakfast pastries from Croissants to Danish and artful treats including individual pastries and macarons to tea biscuits and our award winning Cornbread and Quiche.  


Can we sit and enjoy our pastries in the shop? 

Certainly! We'd love to have you. You're welcome to stop in, purchase your delicious selection and sit at anyone of our tables to enjoy them. 


Do you deliver?

 We do! There's a $25 delivery fee within the city limits (this does not apply to wedding cakes). 


Do you ship pastries and cakes? 

Due to the delicate nature of our products, we never ship cakes and pastries. However, our Tea Biscuits, Preserves and French Macarons are available by post. 


How do I order a cake?

 Email is the best way to request a cake. Please visit the Contact us section to provide us with additional information  on the type of cake you'd like.



Date the cake is needed:

Amount of people the cake will serve:




Cake Budget (if needed): 



Do you make a "Whipped Icing"?



Are your cakes "moist"? 

Now come on. WHO is going to tell you that they make dry cakes? Every baker intends for every cake to be moist and delicious, as do we. We take every care available to  achieve this. That includes using fresh ingredients of the best quality available to us. You be the judge. 



Do you ever make Gluten Free/Dairy Free/ Peanut Free etc:

Chouquette is a PEANUT FREE FACILITY. We are NOT nut free. Because we are a French bakery, many of the items that we prepare are naturally gluten free, due to the use of Almond, Pistachio and Hazelnut Flour. Dairy Free Cakes are also available upon request, however, we do NOT carry dairy-free items, readily available in the shop. 



What is a CUSTOM CAKE?

A Custom Cake, is any cake that requires special design elements. That could be cake in the shape of a favorite character or one adorned with handmade flowers.


How far in advance should I order a custom cake? The more time that you can give us, the better we can provide you with the cake of your dreams. During "Wedding Season" (April-July and October-November) we recommend 4-6 weeks notice on custom cakes. Outside of Wedding Season 2-4 weeks is recommended. 




Custom vs Seasonal Collection 


  Custom                      Collection       

*Personalized         Personalized

  *Stylized                       Style Predetermined

*Design Freedom       Shorter Notice Required

*Showpiece                  Lower Cost Per Person



I forgot to order my cake! What now? 


BREATH...You can call ahead and order one of our 8 inch New Old Fashioned Cakes. They come in three delicious flavors: Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Icing

Chocolate/Chocolate or 

our Plain Jane (Vanilla/Vanilla) these cakes serve up to 20 people and are adorned with a shiny Chocolate glaze, 23k Gold Accents and French Macaron Shells. ($50.00) *


How much do Custom Cakes cost? 

Cake prices are determined by Size, flavor choice and design details. Custom Cake prices begin at $5 per serving. 


How much cake do I need?

 Have a look at our cake chart to determine what size cake you'd like. 


Do you make "Sheetcakes"?

That word is not allowed in our kitchen. 


How far in advance should I order my wedding cake?

 Wedding Cakes should be ordered at least  6-8 months out. For October Weddings, we recommend ordering 1 year in advance. 


Can I get multiple flavors?

 You sure can! 


Are all of your cakes fondant covered? 

90% of our Custom Cakes are fondant. The rest are created using our delicious Italian Buttercream. 


Do you ever make buttercream wedding cakes? 

Yes we do!


Can you recreate one of your beautiful fondant creations from buttercream?



Can I bring in a photo of a cake for you to duplicate?

 While we love seeing what you like, and more importantly what you don't like, we do not create exact replicas of other designers work. Not only is it not fair to those designers, we believe that we can create a custom design that will be UNIQUELY YOU.  


Can I have a cake consultation/tasting prior to placing my order? 

Cake Tastings/Consultations are  available for weddings only. They are held by reservation only, Tuesday-Friday at 2pm or 3pm. We also offer a Tasting To Go call ahead to request a tasting to go. We'll package your cakes to be enjoyed in the privacy of your home at your convince. We'll even include storage instructions for assuring the freshness of your tasting. 


How many people are allowed at the tasting?

 A maximum of 4 people are allowed at a Wedding Consultation/Tasting. This number does not include the Wedding Planner. 


I rarely see cupcakes in your shop. Do you ever make them?

 We certainly can. Cupcakes are popular way to go for kids parties. For a more grown up and elegant approach, we offer Cake Parfaits, it's the ultimate "cupcake". Our delicious cake is layered with whipped cream, berry compote and chocolate or caramel sauce, then garnished accordingly. You'll never look at a "cupcake" the same.




Do you rent Cake Stands? 

While we no longer have stands available for rental, we have several reliable contacts that you can secure them from.